Oliver Mazariegos

I am a Bioinformatician based in Guatemala, but I work all over the world. I am passionate about bringing the world of science and technology together. I have all the skills to create new bioinformatics tools, create high quality websites or analyze datasets and also improve existing ones for individuals and organizations, using the latest techniques and trends.

What I Do

NGS Analysis

We can do science together! I'm capable of creating and automating the entire bioinformatic pipeline that fits your needs.

Bioinformatics Advice and Assessment

From antibiotic resistance genes discovery in bacteria to clinical diagnoses in human cancer. Let's chat and discuss about it.

Process Automation

During the day, daily manual tasks are usually performed that can be automated and thus have a more productive time.


Let's promote yourself in the web! Let's create your personal or business website with the latest trends an technology.

Data Management

No matter the nature of your databases, together we can make the most of your data. We can also improve data flow and find the best approach for your needs.


I fully develop ecommerce sites that fit the needs of customers. From clothing stores with physical products to music stores with digital ones.




$64 per month
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$128 per month
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Fun Facts

Bioinformatics Workflows


Datasets analyzed


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